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Welcome to Red Sun Kindergarten

The Red Sun Education and Training Center is located in the core circle of Flushing, close to Queens Botanical Garden and Kissena Corridor Park. It has a unique geographical advantage. It is the material foundation for us to build a first-class kindergarten in Flushing. And it is also a major source for children and parents in Flushing.

True Friends

Course Category

Talent Class

Conducive to the children’s moral, intellectual, physical, and labor comprehensive development

After-School Class

It is helpful for children to finish their homework in time after class and provide tutoring service. Transfers and hosting are available

Our Instructors

Creative Art Skill
Boost your Success

This kindergarten adopts Montessori teaching method, pays attention to early childhood intellectual development and behavior training, pays attention to aesthetic education and practice, so that our children can play in study, study from playing, and learn to communicate and share.



Early childhood intellectual development and behavior training

Pay attention to aesthetic education and practice

Diversity activities

Modern teaching facilities

Our Students

Our Classes

Enjoy Your Time

Children can continuously improve their language ability in the process of fully perceiving the surrounding things and in diversified activities, so that all aspects of body and mind can be harmoniously developed.


The Perfect Surrounding

The spacious and bright classrooms, modern teaching facilities, complete auxiliary facilities and multi-functional teaching create a superior material space for children to live and study in the kindergarten.

Various Course

In addition to daily teaching, our kindergarten also offers after-school tuition classes and various interest classes such as music, art, dance and taekwondo. The teachers have created a loose and equal range of language communication, so that children can be brave to speak, love and talk.

Our Center Collection

The best way to experience our wide collection of sweets is to visit the store. Follow the aromas and choose the most enticing sweets to satisfy your palate.

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